Your wedding album will serve as your time machine when you take a trip down the memory lane of your big day. Keep the memories of your special day fresh with beautiful and timeless photographs and portraits. We know you wouldn’t want to miss any detail and moment of your wedding day. But how to choose photos for your wedding album?

Here’s a list of the top must-haves for your wedding photo album.

How to Choose Photos for your Wedding Album- First Thing is to Getting Ready

All the behind the scenes and preparations for the big event.

1. The Couple’s Glam Up Time

The king and queen of the day. The centre of attention. The preparation of the bride and groom should be captured in photographs.Before and after photos are a must-have.

2. Accessories and Flowers

Capture the style and details of the couple’s shoes, jewellery, the bride’s veil and the groom’s necktie or bow. Keep a photo of your bouquet for yourself before tossing it later on the day and the classic boutonniere of the groom. Of course the rings too, never forget about the wedding rings!

3. The Wedding Gown and Tuxedo

Photos that show the intricate design and style of the couple’s attire are important. A wedding album won’t be complete without the beautiful portraits of the bride and groom on their stunning wedding gown and tuxedo.

4. The Wedding Mementos

Make sure to have an invitation, program and guest welcome bag and souvenirs ready for photoshoot. It is also important to take pictures of the wedding goods that make your special day even more special.

Before the Ceremony

The excitement and nervousness mixing together making butterflies flutter in everyone’s stomach.

5. The Wedding Venue

Whether it’s in a church, a garden or beach photos of the wedding venue are essential. The altar, the aisle and the flowers and ribbons adorning the overall setup. It is a place that you’ll always remember and a wedding album must-have.

6. The Family, Friends and Guests

The bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearer and guests. Take photos of every candid moment shared among these special people in the couple’s life. The tears, the smiles, the laughter, the nervousness and excitement.

7. The Bride’s Grand Entrance

The long wait is over, the bridal car approaches and everyone turns their attention to the bride who finally arrives and gracefully gets off the car. This is a moment to capture, an image you shouldn’t miss.

The Ceremony

The highlight of the day, the moment everybody is looking forward to…

8. Walking Down the Aisle

The couple and sponsors gracing the venue with their beauty and elegance. The bride walking down the aisle to meet his groom waiting on the altar. And the moment they finally meet and hold hands are must-have photos.

9. The Exchange of Vows and Rings

One of the most special and sentimental part of the ceremony. Capture the beauty of love as the couple exchange vows of spending a lifetime together filled with love and trust and seal the promise with wedding rings.

10. The First Kiss

After the I do’s and the officiant’s declaration of the couple as husband and wife comes the moment everyone is waiting for, the newlyweds first kiss. This is definitely a wedding photo album must-have.

11. Walking Back Down the Aisle

Photos of the couple walking down on the aisle hand-in-hand after the ceremony are also important. You must also have photos of the celebration as the guests throws petals or confettis over the couple in your photo album.

12. Husband and Wife Departure

Photos of the couple in their “Just Married” vehicle as they drive away are also an important part of your album.

Wedding After-Party

And the celebration goes on…

13. The Reception Area

Just like the wedding venue it is also important to have photos of the reception area. The lightings, the table settings with the stunning centerpieces and the dance floor.

14. The Food!

The part everyone is looking forward to in a reception, the food! Capture mouthwatering images of the dishes prepared for the celebration.

15. The Cake!

The wedding cake has always been a special part of an after-party. Make sure you have photos of the cake in its full mouthwatering glory before and when you cut it.

16. Arrival of the Bride and Groom

Photos of the arrival of the newlywed in the wedding after-party are essential too. The moment they give their speech, do their toast and slice the cake should be captured.

17. The First Dance

A definite wedding photo album must-have. Take beautiful photos of the couple as they have their first dance as husband and wife, the tight embrace and affectionate look in their eyes.

18. The After-Party

Images of the family and guests in the after-party are also important. The buzzing energy, burst of emotions, excited chatters and genuine affection as they dance and have fun together.

Your wedding day will be one of the greatest moment in your life. An eventful day filled with precious memories and genuine emotions worth remembering forever. This big celebration is one you’ll surely be looking back to for years to come. Beautiful photographs capture and provide a visual narrative of your wedding day. This is why having the right photography service to take on the responsibility is important.