Asian Wedding
August 13, 2018

The Modern Chinese Wedding Customs

Thinking of getting married into a Chinese family or are you planning to do a traditional Chinese wedding? As a country of rich culture and traditions, Chinese families are not…
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Asian WeddingTips and Suggestions
April 30, 2018

Mt Wilson 悉尼赏枫叶拍婚纱圣地

又是一年红叶季. 放眼望去,红叶没看到多少到是朋友圈里各种关于悉尼Mt Wilson的大忽悠文案一篇接一篇。要说所谓“自媒体 ”真是硬伤太多,屏幕后面码字的恐怕是一群“没吃过猪肉也没见过猪跑”的年轻学生,把道听途说加上百度搜索编纂起来就开始拉 赞助了? 要说在悉尼的周边的好景色,我们这样婚纱照拍遍各个角落的老司机才是知根知底啊! 今天,就让胡椒老编来跟你唠叨唠叨一下传说中的红叶圣地:Mt Wilson (more…)
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bridal photography Sydney
Asian WeddingReal Wedding Stories
October 19, 2017

Flora’s Bridal Session 婚纱照

Model by FloraWei MUA by Livia Florist by Sabrina Video & Bridal Photography Sydney by Pepper Image
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