To drone or not to drone? Apparently, this is the question nowadays.

It’s no surprise because if you’ve seen the breathtaking footages these flying machine can capture, you’ll be amazed too. A few years back, aerial videography for weddings is almost impossible to achieve unless you have a Hollywood blockbuster budget to spare. Today, dramatic and spectacular visuals are now more accessible for the rest of us.

However, if you’re not completely sold, and if you’re still debating whether you need one to complement for your on the ground wedding photography, there are pros and cons you can look into that will help you come up with the right decision.

Pros of Drone Wedding Photography:

  • Aerial videography offers a bird’s eye view of the entire wedding ceremony, as well as the reception and surrounding areas. It’s perfect for outdoor or destination weddings. Drone photography gives you a whole new perspective. You’ll get a wider and bigger picture of how the day unfolded during the most special day of your life.
  • Drone photography is perfect for scenic wedding venues. Just imagine your ceremony in a chapel on a cliff and being able to capture the entire view in a sweeping aerial shot. A camera on the ground can’t capture the chapel, cliff, and the ocean below.
  • A good example of a creative drone shot that is highly requested nowadays is forming a huge heart with guests with the newlyweds in the middle. Another shot that is a must when you intend to use drone photography is that you can spell out words like ‘love’, the date of your wedding, and other fun formations.
  • Capture an unobtrusive view. You never need to worry about a selfie stick in your way or an intoxicated guest who steps in front of the camera. It’s one of the benefits of taking shots from the air.
  • Dramatic indoors to outdoors shots. A talented drone operator can follow the newlyweds walking out of the chapel to the lawn outside in just one shot. How cool, right?

Cons of Drone Wedding Photography:

  • Drones are best for open outdoor venues. It’s best if you can ask your drone videographer to do a location test prior to the wedding, especially if he’s not familiar with the location. The operator will need to see the obstacles like tree branches or tall structures. Drones are a bit noisy as well so they might not be the best for indoor photography, but they are possible to work if the wedding venue is with high ceilings like a church or a hall.
  • One of the disadvantages of drone videography is that you’re highly dependent on weather. It can’t operate in rain, snow, or strong winds.
  • Because it’s meant to take footages from afar, you won’t get close up shots of the couple or the guest.
  • Drones are not meant to replace the traditional videographer or photographer on the ground. Be prepared to shell out extra cash if you want to include aerial videography.

Need to know more about drone wedding photography?

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