Being invited to a wedding means that you’ve been handpicked by the bride and groom to attend the biggest day of their lives. When you think about it, it is a huge honour – especially knowing how tight guest lists can be. To make sure that you make the couple proud, you’d have to stick with a few rules to ensure that you’ll follow wedding guest etiquette.

DO RSVP in a timely manner

Avoid the temptation of risking your attendance! RSVPs are not just cute cards that the couples collect, they are actually a strategic wedding planning tool that suppliers use to determine the number of guests who will be coming to your event.

DON’T ask to add guests to your invite

Bringing a plus one is accepted but asking for more than one person to accompany you is a definite no-no. Couples are usually on a strict budget and even one unsuspecting guest could ruin the whole setup.

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DO follow the dress code

It’s simple. If the invitation has a dress code, follow it. If the invitations don’t indicate any dress code, don’t be afraid to ask the couple! By doing so, you will get an idea of what they want and they would normally dress for the occasion.

DON’T wear white, please don’t

Shoutout to the lady guests, DO NOT wear white. Stay away from anything that is mostly white, even it has a pattern, flesh-toned. Even if the bride chooses to rock an unconventional coloured wedding gown, no guest must go out and about wearing a white frock.

DO buy a gift from their wedding registry or give them cash

The couple has a wedding registry for a reason. These are some of the things that the couple would be needing for their new home. If there isn’t anything on the registry that you’d like to buy, there’s always the option of giving a monetary gift.

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DON’T bring a huge gift

Although bringing a big gift is a good thing this can be a hassle for the people assigned at the gift registry section. If it is a gift you have ordered online, consider it having delivered straight to the couple’s home, or leave a card at the gift table telling the couple that you’ll be giving their gift before or after they go on a honeymoon.

DO arrive early

Remember, time is of the essence. Guests should be at the ceremony or venue at least 20 minutes or half an hour before. This will allow a buffer time, just in case you get stuck in traffic, gas up or find parking.

DON’T post photos of the bride before the ceremony

This is inevitable but try as much as possible not to post anything before the bride walks down the aisle. Don’t ruin the moment that the couple has been waiting for a long time.

DO let the photographers take control

It’s definitely okay to take pictures with your phone, iPad or with your own camera. But don’t get in the way of the professionals. You were invited there to enjoy and celebrate the couple after all!

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