With all the planning that goes into your wedding, the last thing you’d want to happen is to not capture all the hard work – and magic – that came into making your special day come to life. After all the decorations are taken down and the guests have come home, photos are the one sure thing that you’ll have to remember your wedding by. Here’s how you can find best Sydney wedding photographers.

So choosing a good wedding photographer is crucial – but it’s also important to remember that a good wedding photographer doesn’t always mean that they’ll be the best fit for your wedding. Not every wedding is held the same way, and not every photographer has the same specialty. Learning what your wedding will be like and what your photographer is good at is the key to taking the best photos.

If you’re holding a wedding in Sydney – or anywhere, really – here are some general tips that you should follow when looking for a photographer for your wedding.


Find Best Sydney Wedding Photographers


Figure out what kind of style do you want in your photos

This is important, as figuring out the kind of photos that you want will largely determine what wedding photographer you’ll get, and make choosing packages easier. Here are some common styles that are often used for shooting weddings:

  • Artsy: these are the photos that you often see in albums and Facebook posts – they’re usually very artistic, with great liberties taken with the subject matter and the way the picture is shot. These make for dramatic and gorgeous photos that you can easily share online.
  • Documentary: if the ceremony itself is most important to you, you can hire a documentary photographer. The photographs taken will be more about the elements that make up your wedding, such as the reception or actual wedding ceremony. Expect a lot of candid pictures and story-driven moments.
  • Portrait: Portrait photography has always been a mainstay for couples who put a great emphasis on the people who attend (and of course, themselves). Portrait photography is a classic approach to taking pictures – think of group photos or couple portraits.

Interviews are important

While you might be blown away by the album of the photographer you’re looking for, making sure that they’re agreeable to how the wedding will be is also important. If you have a good personal relationship with your photographer, you’re more likely to get better shots – and even if they could be considered staff, they’re still witnesses and guests to your special day. Find a photographer that you can click with, and it’ll be smooth sailing from there – interviews are key to accomplishing this.

Remember the small details

Even after everything’s been arranged, it’s a good idea to keep a couple of notes handy about your photographer – even if it’s just to confirm the details. For example, if you’re looking for a particular photographer who works with a studio, it might be good to give the studio a call a week or so before your wedding just to make sure it’ll be the specific photographer you chose who will be there (as some studios have multiple wedding photographers.)

You’ll also want to check if your photographer will be bringing an assistant – sometimes this really isn’t stipulated in the package, or it could be a personal arrangement that the photographer usually works with – but ask if they will have assistants, and if so, how many. Getting small details like that out of the way helps you plan accordingly and leave the photographer to do what they do best – to capture one of the best days of your life.

At Pepper Image, we understand that weddings are special memories that should be preserved well – and we’ve honed our entire craft to making that happen. If you’re looking for a wedding photography service that exceeds your expectations, contact us today.