Every couple has their own wedding wishes, there are those who ban mobile devices and there are also those who embrace the digital age by creating or coming up with a wedding hashtag that will set them apart from other wedded couples. It is also a great way for the pair to easily track, see the photos that their guests have uploaded.

What are hashtags anyway?

If you’ve been living under a rock, a ‘hashtag’, in social media terms is a word or phrase which is made discoverable on social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, when a # is added at the beginning of each word.

Are you ready? Here are a few different techniques you can use to create a creative and most importantly, unique wedding hashtag.

Go ahead and Capitalise

Avoid misspellings and confusion by capitalising the first letter of each word in your hashtag. Otherwise, hashtags such as #YouHadMeAtHello could be easily misread as #YouHadMeatHello

Ship Name

Have you ever heard of these celebrities ship names, “Kimye” or “Brangelina”? Maybe, you could take notes from these because you might be able to get ideas for your wedding hashtag by ditching the last few syllables of your name.

Make it a Game

Coming up with a contest during your engagement phase is a great way to create an original, creative wedding hashtags. If you’re creating a group on Facebook, you post an image alongside the mechanics of the game or you can also do it during your bridal shower. Not only will it be fun for you and your significant other to see what your family thinks is a good hashtag and what funny wedding hashtags they might create, but it’s also a no-brainer that you’ll be able to get so many options and laughs!

If you’re up for it, you can also award the winner with a gift card or give the hashtag creator a shoutout on your wedding website.

Consider the Location

Getting married by the shore? Is your wedding venue a popular tourist spot? Are you having a wedding out of town or out of the country? Use this location’s unique traits as a jumping off point for your wedding hashtag planning.

Go for the Classics

If your names are excessively long, can’t be rhymed with any wedding-related words, or you simply like to keep things simple, opt for an uncomplicated hashtag, like:




Originality is Key

When you’ve finally come up with a hashtag, do a quick research online to see if it has already been taken. If it has been taken, you have the option of adding your wedding date or location to the end to make sure your pics don’t get mixed up on IG and Twitter. If you have common names, like Kim or John, it’s best to throw a date on the end, just to be sure.

Now that you’ve spent all this time coming up with the perfect hashtag, make sure your friends and family use it!

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