The sun is out and wedding bells are ringing. Time to bring out those fresh floral-printed dresses and flowy dresses because summer is here! Before setting out for your big day, it’s all about having the perfect engagement photographs.

To give you some style inspiration for your upcoming shoot, we gathered some of our favourite fashion looks to help you level up your OOTD game. Let these outfits be your guide and put that extra energy toward planning the rest of your wedding.

It’s a Match

Playing with colours of the same hues add charm, makes the couple look more lean and elongated. It doesn’t have to exactly match but having a set colour scheme will help flow through the collection of photos.

Max it out

A maxi skirt or dress is vibrant and cozy, perfect for a rustic setting. Pair it with your favourite sandals and best of all your handsome husband.

Retro Vibin’

Whether you’re feeling on taking inspiration from the fabulous 50s or the eclectic 80s, dressing from different decades is all the rage in fashion right now. A cute mini dress and structured tux perfectly punctuate this vintage-inspired engagement!

Make a Statement

Whether it be through accessories or shoes, having something that adds a pop of colour to your outfit will definitely help in making a statement.

Pattern, pattern, pattern!

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: pattern mixing is your friend! Whether you choose to wear plaid or floral, mixing prints is always a great idea. One tip you should remember is to try taking photos at home so that you’ll already be able to determine if the prints will clash or not.

Go Wanderlusting

If you’re not too keen on dressing up too much, why not choose outfits that honour your adventurous sides? By doing so, you’ll not only feel more at home and comfortable but you’ll also get to show off your quirkier side.

Now that you’re all set with your outfits, it’s time for the shoot! Make sure you hire the best photographer so that you’ll be able to nail your engagement shoot. After all, your engagement is such a short and special chapter in your life and your relationship, and you deserve to commemorate that time with beautiful photos together!

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