Choosing a wedding date is more than pointing to a day on the calendar. The process of setting a wedding date is one of the most important wedding planning decisions you will be making as a couple – it will impact a majority of aspects on your wedding day.

For every couple, the process is unique and that’s part of what makes your date completely different from the rest. Before you get overwhelmed with all the planning and questions that will come through, here a few key notes to remember when setting a date for your big day.


Take the weather into account. In the wedding world, the more popular months to get hitched are between June, September and October basically Winter and Fall – the weather during these months are absolutely beautiful!

Every season has its unique beauty, so in case you would want your wedding in the summer – the best way to deal with it is to add a little more into your budget so you can provide your guests with fans. Even if it is your big day, consider your guests comfort level as well.


As mentioned above June, September and October are the most popular wedding months and with that being said, getting married within these peak months will cost you a lot more money. If you’re on a tight, budget consider tying the knot off-season. Marrying on a Sunday, Monday or any other weekday will be a tough thing to ask your guests but if you’re having a relatively small celebration and give your friends and family a heads-up early on, we’re certain that they’ll be there to celebrate with you.

Significant Dates

Some couples opt to choose dates that have a notable impact on them – first date, where they got engaged and some choose numerically significant dates (like 09/09/2019). You and your partner could choose whatever date you desire however choose one that has a lot of meaning to the both of you.

Venue Availability

If you have your heart set out for your dream venue, hold your horses – check for availability first. Most traditional wedding venues book weddings 12 to 18 months in advance, though non-traditional wedding venues may be easier to reserve.

Friends and Family

Before setting your chosen date, be sure to narrow down to potential dates by your nearest and dearest to make sure there aren’t any conflicts. For example, if there are ongoing health issues affecting you, your spouse or any of your family members, take that as consideration to have an earlier or later date.

Photographer Availability

The possibility of working with a popular wedding photographer will be all kinds of awesome! With that being said, the couple or the planner should be able to reach out to the photographer’s team to check if they will be available on the narrowed down dates you’ve chosen from.

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