No matter how chill out you are, or how simple you are, wedding planning can be quite a handful. So if you’re someone who struggles from anxiety on a daily basis and you’re also planning a wedding at the same time. This blog’s for you.

Wedding planning anxiety is all too real and fortunately, there are tons of steps you can take to help combat that pesky feeling of dread and anxiousness. They also happen to be relatively simple. Here are some tips on how to deal with wedding anxiety and planning stress around your big day.

Ask For Help

Of course, you’d still want to be in control of your day, every detail must at your wedding perfect, right? That’s totally normal. Although if you’re feeling especially overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Consider handing out tasks to trusted members of the entourage (like your Maid of Honor or your Mother) to carry on your vision for certain tasks. Your friends and family are will be more than willing to help.

Trust Your Partner

You don’t have to plan the entire load of the wedding yourself. Your wedding should incorporate you and your partner’s visions, after all, and truth be told there are tons of way to get your partner to be more involved in the wedding planning process. Last but not least, don’t hesitate to talk to them about how you’re feeling and confide in them the anxiety that you’re feeling. They’ll be more than likely to contribute and help you ease your worries.

Take Some Time Off

After all the stress that you’ve been experiencing, taking a few days off to clear your mind wouldn’t hurt. During this time, you can be able to do certain hobbies or activities that will help relieve you whatever it is going through your mind.

Consider Organisational Apps

Sometimes it’s not actually helpful to have tons of magazines and binders on hand. And, if you’re trying to go paperless, there are hundreds of wedding apps you can choose from to help you become more organised with your schedules and appointments.

Seek Professional Help

A wedding is a beginning of a new life chapter, but it also a highly stressful event which can a toll on your anxiety. If you feel like your anxiety has escalated beyond your control, there’s no shame in seeking some extra psychological support. Many soon-to-be married couples seek out couple’s therapy to navigate the change in their relationship, and that’s one idea to try out.

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