After coming up with a decision on whether to have an indoor or outdoor wedding, you should choose where to hold it next. Whether you go for a simple beach or a magnificent ballroom, the location you choose for your big day lays the right sound for your event. When it comes to choosing a place for your wedding, the entire procedure can sound quite frightening, and you will have to reply to many concerns. 

Will your marriage be modest or huge? Would you want the ceremony outside or indoors? Chic or a rustic wedding theme? Addressing your wedding concept will help you and your fiancé in reducing the number of places around and discovering the right one for you.

Number Of Guests

Each wedding location has a capacity, so make sure that you clarify this with the venue. Unless you plan on having your special day in a vast open space, this is not a number that is usually flexible. You need a rough estimate of the number of guests before choosing a venue. 

Sit down and plan with your partner to ensure that you wouldn’t be surprised that not everyone was accommodated during your wedding. The last thing you want is a 300-person wedding venue only to realise that you have 450 people in your guest list who confirmed their attendance.

The wedding recessional


It’s important to know if the venue you like is still available on your preferred date. Talk to the management or the person in charge and have it booked on your date. Have a couple of other options in case your first choice is already booked.


One of the most significant decisions you will make is how much you are willing to invest when it comes to choosing a wedding venue. Usually, it works out that your location and catering comprise a part of your wedding expenditure. 

Disclose that number halfway through to decide what amount you can invest in your place of the wedding. Talk with your partner (and your parents if they will finance the wedding) when it comes to making a decision.

Wedding Send-Off


Check if the location of the venue is easily accessible for you and your guests. You should remember that accessibility is a major factor when it comes to your guests’ attendance. If you are holding the ceremony and reception in different venues, it is best to have it near each other. Moreover, prepare a simple map that attendees can check on the day of your wedding.


Check out photos and read reviews from previous weddings. You can even restrict your query by the required amount of capacity, accessibility, location, as well as other facilities you would need, from lodging to insurance, and a whole lot more.

Wedding Ceremony Walk in

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of venues in Australia that you can check. You can visit The National Wedding Directory, which has a list of great wedding venues, together with your partner. Take note of some places that you want to know more about, and schedule a visit to have a feel of the location in person.

When it comes to venues, research is your best friend. Look for all the important information online and take note of some of the factors we’ve mentioned above. 

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