Wedding Photo at The University of Sydney

You finally found “The One”. Congratulations!

Now, you’re ready to ask her to marry you. You know when and where you will get down on one knee. Even your speech is ready.

Then, you thought that you want to capture the moment when you pop the question soon. You might be asking yourself if you should hire a professional photographer or just ask your cousin or your friend who takes good Instagram pictures.

We’ll help you decide on that!

Hiring a photographer for your wedding proposal has great advantages. If you have the extra budget to do so, here are some reasons why you should let a photographer take photos of your proposal.

Engagement Photo at Paddington Reservoir

Capture The Moment Perfectly

A marriage proposal is one of the most significant events in a couple’s life. Whether you talked about marriage a lot or just mentioned it a few times, when you’re sure that you both want to spend the rest of your lives together, you would want a copy of that moment through photos.

A professional photographer can capture all your partner’s reactions or tears may be, the emotions while you say your piece, the scenery, and just about everything on your proposal. Wedding photographers are well aware of these moments since these also happen at weddings and can take great candid photos.

After the proposal, you can even turn it into an engagement photoshoot. Just make sure that your partner is ready for a photo session. It’s time to talk to her best friend and ask her to prepare, secretly, of course! Your partner will appreciate it more if she’s photo shoot-ready.

Great Photo Quality For Sharing

Sure your new phone has a good camera resolution, but you would want to leave quality photos to pros. They are skilled and have the right gear. Professional photographers will give you images that you can print, not allowing blurry photos and photobombers on your important day.

Great-looking images during your proposal can be shared with friends and relatives, either those are printed or digital copies. People would appreciate photos taken by professionals. You can even use these images for your Save the Date announcements or wedding day presentations!

Engagement Photo at Centennial Park
Engagement Photo at Blue Mountain
Engagement Photo at Blue Mountain
Engagement Photo at Blue Mountain
Engagement Photo at Blue Mountain
Engagement Photo at Blue Mountain
Engagement Photo at Blue Mountain
Engagement Photo at Blue Mountain

Relive The Wonderful Moment

What would be a better way to commemorate your new journey towards married life than discussing it? Reliving the moment by checking out photos from the special day, of course!

Because your fiancée doesn’t have a clue about the surprise proposal (hopefully!), she might get overwhelmed too much and forget some of the moments on that day, except the part you asked her to marry you. Professionally taken photos would help you reminisce all the beautiful emotions of that important date.

So Should You Or Should You Not?

Getting a photographer on your wedding proposal depends on your budget and personal preference. If you are fine with the expenses and you know that your partner will be okay with someone taking photos, then you should definitely get one.

Good luck with your wedding proposal!