Are you looking at different wedding photography packages and considering getting a wedding photo album? If you’re asking yourself if you still need to get one, then read on.

In a world where people upload 350 million images on Facebook and more than 100 million photos on Instagram every day, you are not alone when you say that you only need to store your wedding photos on an online album and not have them printed. After all, wedding albums can be a bit expensive.

You might think that you already spent too much on other essential aspects of your wedding, and wedding albums are just added expenses that you can afford not to have. However, you should consider some of the top reasons why you would want a wedding photo album. Here are some:

It Lasts For A Long Time.

Wedding albums can be a bit pricey for some, but owning one is worth it. When you have a high-quality printed wedding album, it can last for decades. As long as you know how to take good care of it, it may even last longer than that. When you’re older and want to tell your story to your children and grandchildren, you can just open your wedding album and relive the happy memories you created on your wedding day.

Wedding Family Photo

Your Digital Files Can Be Lost.

We can all agree that there is the possibility of lost files when it comes to photos in soft copy. Whether it’s uploaded on social media or it’s in your hard drive, your important images are not completely safe. Because we spend a lot of time on phones and laptops, we know that we can lose some files on those devices. When your social media or online folders get hacked, or your hard drives crashed, you can only wish you have them on a wedding photo album.

In addition to that, these gadgets may be replaced as technology keeps on evolving. A wedding album can be an amazing backup. You only have to make sure to be careful with it.

Location Photo

It’s Nice To Show To Others.

Your grandparents and other relatives may not be a huge fans of technology and would rather look at printed photos. A photo album is a great way to show what happened to your wedding and have others appreciate it. As mentioned above, you can also show it to your next of kin, even for generations to come.

It’s Beautiful.

That’s simply it; wedding albums are beautiful. It displays all the emotions during the wedding, and it lets you remember the outcome of your preparation, both your hard work your partner’s. You probably got stressed, and arguments probably arose, but all of those are part of the journey. And after seeing all your photos in your album, you can pat yourself on the back and say, “We did it!”

These are only some of the great reasons why you would want a wedding photo album. Discuss it with your partner and wedding photographer, and have something that you can treasure for the rest of your lives.