Your wedding is coming soon, and we are extremely happy for you. Everything seems to be in place, and all you need to do is to wait for the big day. It’s time for you not to do so much and just enjoy the last week before getting married to the person you love.

But with all the excitement, pressure, and all other emotions you’re having, you might think of last-minute things that you should not do a week before the wedding. That’s also the reason why we created this list for you.

Don’t Forget To Take A Look At Your Checklist

You should take a look at your wedding list again to check if there are other items you forgot. However, you have to make sure that you will not do anything major in the week before your wedding to avoid too much pressure or hasty decisions. 

Don’t Stay Up Too Late

You should rest well the week before your wedding. If you need to do some important things, you should do it without compromising your sleep. Not getting enough rest will take a toll on your skin and your mood. You do not want to look exhausted and grumpy on your wedding day, do you?

Beautiful Bride

Don’t Go Partying All Night

In line with the previous item, you should refrain from partying all night. Do your best to say no to your friends who keep asking you to celebrate by drinking or partying a week before your wedding. Too much alcohol and staying up all night will affect not only your skin but also your overall energy.

Don’t Forget To Break In Your New Bridal Shoes

The last thing you want is to have trouble walking down the aisle because of painful blisters. Make sure that you wear your bridal shoe weeks before your wedding so that you get comfortable with them. 

Don’t Get A Facial Or Try New Beauty Products A Week Before The Wedding

Just don’t think of booking a facial one week before your big day. You can have it at least three weeks or a month before your wedding in case something happens afterward (but we seriously wish nothing bad happens). It is the same with trying out new make-up or other beauty products because you don’t know how your skin will react. After all, you would not want to have a red face or an allergy on your special day.


Don’t Suddenly Go On A New Diet

We know you’ve done your best for a couple of months to look and feel good at your wedding. You already look great, and you don’t need to starve yourself or go suddenly on a new diet. Your body might react differently from the way you think it would, so it’s best not to do it at all.

Don’t Try To Get A New Hairstyle

One week before your wedding is not the best time to try out a new hairstyle or a new hair color. Don’t get swayed by the hairstyles or colors you see on Pinterest or Instagram. Perhaps you can do drastic changes after your wedding.

Don’t Forget To Breathe And Calm Down

This is the most important thing that you should do. When everything seems too chaotic, try to breathe in and breathe out. Calm yourself down and enjoy the week before your big day.