Wedding photography and videography are arguably two of the most important aspects to consider during the wedding planning stage. Wedding photography costs a lot. On average, couples spend 20% of their budget for wedding photography alone. Being indecisive on who to hire to capture your wedding day is just expected. So, how much should wedding photography and videography cost?



According to a 2019 survey by AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography), the average price couples are willing to pay for wedding photography is $3211. The average price varies across different states in Australia. Couples from the Capital Territory and West Australia spend the most in wedding photography with an average of $3510 and $3225.

A photographer in NSW will cost you a bit more, coming in at around $3,896. This is due to an increase in luxury weddings in NSW, as well as the demand for professional wedding photographers in the state.

Packages have been the standard when booking a wedding photography service. Common packages include– hours of coverage, amount of images or if unlimited, storage in CD or USB drive, and prints and wedding albums in different sizes.

Cost Of Wedding Videography In Australia

The average cost of a videographer in Australia is around $2,000 to $6,000, but many factors can affect the price. The average wedding video cost varies significantly, depending on what is included. Here is an example of a typical package that starts around $3,500 in Sydney:

Two videographers

8 hours of filming

A video clip for reception

Full Ceremony coverage

Reception Speeches coverage

5-minute cinematic highlights of the day video

Online & USB video files delivery


After browsing some photography websites you might have noticed how some photographers do not disclose their rate. You have to send an enquiry to get a quote. Those who display their packages with corresponding prices charge differently. Some wedding photographers are really cheap while some are rather expensive. The following factors affect the price of wedding photography packages.


Anyone can take a photograph but photographers with decades of experience can and do deliver a higher quality one. Veterans in the industry with years’ worth experience and great confidence on their work naturally cost a lot more. The report found couples are wanting someone who can give direction for them so they can achieve the best pictures, rather than just taking random photos as they go. This includes directions for the best candid photography as well. This is a big difference in the skill set of a photographer who has done a lot of weddings before compared to an amateur. You may read our blog post How Is Candid Wedding Photography Different Than Traditional?

Especially as over the last few years, most couples prefer to capture candid wedding photos, with 63% of all couples looking for candid and natural photos for their weddings. Another 33% look for a mixture of candid images and some posed images that they don’t want to miss.


Most packages offer different hours of wedding day coverage– 6 hours, 8 hours, 10 hours or a full day coverage. The longer the coverage is, the higher the price of the package.


Some packages include two or more additional photographers. Videography and same-day edit videos are some common add-ons on packages. Adding engagement photo session will also affect the cost of the package.


Photographers spend a lot of time enhancing and editing the wedding photos especially those for enlargements and wedding albums. A package with all hi-res and enhanced photos will be more expensive.

How To Save Money On Wedding Photography And Videography Cost?

How much you spend on your wedding photography and videography cost depends on what you want. You would want to get a high class photography service within your budget. Here are some tips to help you save money with your wedding photography and videography.

Choose a photographer/videographer within your budget

Not all skilled professional photographers come with huge price tags. You get what you pay for, yes, but talent doesn’t necessarily come from decades of experience. Even newcomers have the set of skills for high quality wedding photographs.


Choose someone servicing within your chosen venue and location. Photographers may charge you extra dollars if they have to travel far.

Get a quote VS. a pre-made package

Most wedding photographers/videographer allow this. For example, you can save money if you forgo the wedding albums and just have the digital files instead. You can also decide how many photographers will do the job (at least two photographers is recommended). By getting a quote, you can modify what goes into your package within your preferred budget.

Ask for a wedding photography timeline

This will give you an idea of how many hours of coverage you will really need. A timeline will also help to make sure everything will be on schedule and avoid extra charges.

A personalised photo and video combination package

A personalised photography and videography combination package might be a great idea to control the budget while maintain the style and quality desired. Some well reputable studio will offer combined photography and videography package, the advantage of booking wedding photography and videography with one studio is there will be same team working on the wedding day – Less distraction and coordination for the bride!

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