When going to a special event, you will like to look stunning. Especially if it is your own, you would want to put your best foot forward. Besides appearing your best, you have to feel confident. Once you feel that way, everything follows. Not only will you radiate your beauty, but you will be able to interact with guests easily. 

While your outfit will dictate your whole look, other details can make or break the way you appear. Yes, preparation goes beyond the wardrobe. Hence, continue reading to find out the few ways that will make you feel and look your finest when attending a special event.

  1. Take Care of Your Pearly Whites

Keeping tabs on your teeth should be a priority and a part of your everyday routine. So, if you are already doing that, kudos to you! Brushing your teeth regularly (three times a day) maintains your pearly whites in their best condition. However, having a big event coming up is an excellent reason to visit your dentist. Hence, book your next appointment so you can flash the glowing smile that will leave a good impression on your special occasion!

  1. Have a Facial

Having an unfailing daily skincare routine has been the norm most of us enjoy. Coupling up your brightest smile with an astonishingly youthful complexion will be nothing short of glam. For this, reserve a facial session with your dermatologist. While the facial removes impurities in the skin and rejuvenates it, it is crucial to introduce a new skin regimen that allows some time for adjustment and recovery. It is important to note that getting a facial near the big day may cause unwanted problems since the skin is prone to sensitivities at the time. Hence, choose a date for a facial two weeks before the event. 

  1. Have a Hair and Makeup Trial

Having professional hair and makeup for your next event can boost your confidence since you know it will complement your natural features fantastically. However, if you are going for a completely different look from your usual or working with a new hair and makeup artist, it is wise to do a trial run. Not only will it help you determine if the look you want to achieve is attainable, but it will also tell if the style you want does your natural beauty justice. With this, you will be able to see your hair and makeup before the event, helping you rest assured that it will not fail you!

  1. Pay Attention to the Details

Every event is a highly photographed affair. Paying attention to the most minute details is another thing you can do to make yourself feel highly positive. Therefore, wear footwear, jewellery, and a handbag that go well with your attire. Also, work on your grooming. Hence, book a mani-and-pedi session. If you want to wear colours on your nails, make sure it coordinates with your outfit or with the event's motif!

  1. Try Cosmetic Tattooing

If you want full defined lips or eyes, you can always try eyebrow and lip tattooing. For perfectly sculptured eyebrows and permanent eyeliner, book a session for eyeliner tattooing with a lash enhancement. These procedures may seem daunting, and the change may seem drastic. However, by determining how you want to look and working with the right professional technician, the process is safe, and the results are impressive.

Our friends from CMP Cosmetic Tattoo and Microblading’s main motive is that you look and feel your best. With them, every service is bespoke tailored to every individual customer’s needs. Not only will you slay an excellent look, but you will also experience a safe session like no other!

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