Want to throw the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank? Then postpone the planning and read this guide first on the best tips for celebrating your wedding on a budget. You’ll be so happy with the results that you’ll be surprised it didn’t cost you an arm and a leg!

Have A Smaller Guest List.

Who says you need to invite the whole neighborhood to the wedding? If you’re dedicated to getting affordable wedding photography, then you’ll need to trim down the list. You can take a straightforward approach by setting a number and sticking to it. Another great way to do this is to list down the people you think you should invite. Next, eliminate names until you’re only left with half. And again, take out more names until you’re left with the people you absolutely want to invite.

Get Your Own Wedding Caterer.

Wedding packages often come with their own food catering. But who says you can’t find your own caterer and some cash? If you have a favourite catering service in Sydney, discuss with them about catering to your wedding and the dishes you’d like served. Bonus points if you’re a long-time customer and can ask for discounts. This is often much cheaper than just going along with the catering already in your wedding package.

Plan The Meals According To In-Season Products.

Along with finding your own caterer, plan out a menu that uses in-season products as its main ingredients. If there are a lot of avocados or watermelons around the time of your wedding day, then serve up some delicious Avocado Watermelon Salad. Also, make sure your caterer knows how to cook these types of food. If not, you can always teach her. Just have fun designing your menu and mixing and matching different flavors.

Consider Digital Invitations.

Card invitations are a classic way to let people know you’re finally tying the knot. Yet it’s also expensive and can sometimes require wedding photography Sydney. Why not skip all that and create digital wedding invitations instead? You’ll be surprised at how amazing the results can be. There are countless video editing apps online that you can play around with for free. Everything from wedding, birthday, and christening invitation videos can now be done digitally. And the best part is that you get to pick all the photos, videos, and quirky messages you want to include!

DIY The Decor Wisely.

Again, why not skip the floral package and take a more DIY approach? Hire a florist to do the bouquet and head-table arrangements. But everything else such as the centerpieces and flower decorations can be done by yours truly! Watch videos online or better yet, take a class on flower arranging. It’s a wonderful skill to have and can save you a whole lot of cash in the long run. And they’re sure to look fabulous for the wedding photography Sydney.

Get Creative On Desserts.

No matter what anyone tells you, wedding cakes are not a requirement to have a memorable wedding. Why not get a tower of cupcakes instead? Or if you’re feeling more traditional, then some home-made pies of your favorite flavors is also a good idea. They’ll look charming in your wedding photography Sydney, so don’t sweat about the cake because millennial couples are all about re-inventing the idea of wedding celebrations!

Less Is More

The best advice of all to spend less on your wedding is to appreciate the beauty of having less. That means less decorations, a less flashy gown, less expensive accessories, and more focus on the momentous event. For many people, weddings only happen once in their entire lives. Celebrate love, life, and little blessings. It’s going to be a start of your new life together, and nothing in the world should matter more than your love for one another on that special day.