One of the major concerns when planning a garden wedding is the weather. Weather, as we know it, is very unpredictable. What should be a sunny or a partly cloudy day according to the weather forecast is not 100% reliable. And the last thing that you want for your garden wedding is heavy rainfall. 

So, it’s best to be prepared when the rain comes pouring. You only get married once and although you know that it’s going to be the best day of life come hell or high water, you might ruin your guests’ jolly mood if you leave them soaked and without a cover. 

So, how can the couple prepare themselves for any weather changes during their wedding day? We have compiled some tips and suggestions to help every couple prepare for surprise weather changes on one of the most important occasions in their lifetime. 

Have A Backup Wet Weather Venue

Event planners or organisers have wet weather options for garden weddings. Having an option B in your planning strategy is always recommended so that the ceremony proceeds as planned – rain or shine.

Before making any decisions, especially when you prefer an outdoor wedding, check for venues that can provide shelter if in case it starts to get cloudy and starts to rain. Hire a marquee that can provide shelter. Make sure you discuss this with your event coordinator so they can lay out the options for you. 

However, if your organizer doesn’t provide weather-proof wedding options, the safest choice is to have the wedding indoors. There are other indoor wedding venues that are really beautiful. For ideas about wedding venues, you can make use of the following:

  • Art Galleries
  • Chapels
  • Historical houses
  • Vineyards
  • Quaint libraries

Consider this, it only costs a little bit more than your original budget, but it will give you peace of mind. In totality, it is worth every cent. Although you can be guided on when the rainy months might be, it is still safe to always have a plan B.

A Little Bit Of Rain Does You No Harm

If in case it rains on your wedding day, and you have to go to your reception after the chapel or church, be brave venturing outside. A little rain won’t hurt. In fact, you can still get beautiful photos with a gentle rain shower, especially when you hire a seasoned wedding photographer.

It can be intimate and romantic. You can change your shoes in case it becomes slippery, but don’t miss out on the opportunity of getting amazing photos with your new husband!

Hire The Services Of A Professional Wedding Photographer

An experienced wedding photographer can make beautiful and interesting photos. He can turn a dreary moment into something interesting. This is really important.

If your wedding day falls on a rainy day, the photographer can still bring out the best even in a rainy situation. This is hard to attain for most photographers, so it’s super important that you hire a really good wedding photographer for this special day.

A little investment in hiring the best wedding photographer can go a long way. They are prepared in case of weather changes and you can also seek their advice on where is the best wedding location for rainy weather.

Preparation And Having The Gears Ready In Case

Secure a very nice or trendy umbrella that will look cute on you and a pair of boots for your husband. A clear umbrella can’t go wrong with any get-up. Have several clear umbrellas ready for you, your entourage, families and guests, you never know when you might need it. Clear umbrellas can also be a good wedding souvenir! They make a great idea for a wedding giveaway.

You can check out nice umbrella designs or you can design the clear umbrellas and have them printed with your names or something that will remind your guests of your wedding day. They are inexpensive too if you buy them in bulk.

One more thing to remember – if you are in a place where it gets muddy when it rains, we recommended you get boots. Especially, if your venue is in the countryside, it pays to be prepared.

Remember WHY You Are Here

Don’t let any bad weather ruin your day. There are couples who proceeded with their wedding day even in the storm or volcanic eruption, or amidst other problems, they still push through. After all, this is their day and nothing – not even the weather can stop them from their union. So, a little bit of draft or rain should not put you down. Remember, this is your wedding day and it should be happy!

Looking For A Weather-Proof Photography Team?

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