Planning for your special day includes the calculation of wedding photography costs.

Every wedding event deserves exceptional pictures for the newlyweds to keep.

It’s definitely something to remind them of their union as one.

If you’re an engaged couple looking for the right wedding photographer to hire and which photography styles to follow,

this guide will help you find the best wedding photography trends of 2019!

Honeymoon Photography

Instead of dealing with selfies and blurry photos, you can now hire photographers to take them for you.

Honeymoon photography is a fitting opportunity for vacation or travel photographers.

This is mainly because couples who seek this service are continuously growing.

Honeymoon shoot sessions are currently on-trend because it serves as an opportunity for couples to reconnect even better;

they will get a keepsake of photos that shows their intimate moments after a busy and extended period spent on their wedding programs.

Wherever the location is, the more important thing is for the couples to portray their authentic intimacy.

Engagement Photo on the Beach

Monochromatic Themes

The old trend is coming back! The use of monochromatic and film-inspired themes have been continuously growing as the months of this year passed by. Unlike the usually bright and coloured shoots, monochromatic photos rely on the emotions and authenticity of the couples. If you’re an old soul, this theme would perfectly fit your style and the ambience that you’re looking for.

After-Wedding Sneak-Peeks

Another trending strategy of photographers is providing the couple’s wedding photos immediately the next day. Instead of waiting for weeks and months, you can now see glimpses of your wedding shots online. Photographers will be able to provide several edited pictures for you to post and share by the use of different social media sites and e-mail.

It best suits if you’re not patient enough to wait for a long time, paying a bit more for instant digital copies is the best way to go.

Wedding Photo at The Restaurant

Abstract Photography

Photo concepts change from time to time, and it is vital for photographers to think of ways that can make every clients’ final results unique and spectacular. That’s where abstract photography comes in; it helps photographers to form ideas even from the quirkiest or most unexpected elements.

With abstract photography, themes tend to portray emotions even more intensely. It’s an excellent choice for couples who are sentimental and are broad thinkers. You can throw in your unique ideas, provide your concepts, and tell your stories in a way that you and your partner will relate to the most.

Aerial Photos

Professional cameras are continuously evolving and improving. With our modern technology, new types of cameras are manufactured to accommodate different kinds of shots. For instance, drones are used to produce stunning aerial photos; one of the most talked-about photography styles. It might cost you extra money, but the images you will get are definitely worth the price and will provide you with a broad view of your wedding event.

If your wedding will be in an open venue, drones can capture stunning images that can cover not only you and your partner but also the entirety of the guests and site.