There’s a trend arising with wedding photography in Sydney that is “candid wedding photography.” But what does that term mean exactly, and what makes photography candid, and how does that fit into your wedding day? Regardless if you just started thinking about how you’re going to get your wedding captured or if you’ve been considering this for a while, you may still not be sure what exactly this style of photography entails.

What Candid Wedding Photography Is

Candid wedding photography or documentary photography allows us as photographers to capture the little moments and emotions that can elevate your wedding photos to the next level. Traditional photos allow you to have the iconic parts of your wedding:

Walking down the aisle, the kiss, cutting the cake, etc., photos that are staged and make for beautiful and formal. Candid photos involve spontaneity where the people don’t realize their photo is being taken, and it can be one of the many ways for you to get the perfect wedding photos.

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How This Translates To Your Wedding

Implementing candid photography at your wedding means that the photographer is constantly moving and anticipating and reacting to the emotionally charged moments.

The photographer is in touch with you and has a level of connection with you that allows for them to truly capture the personality that makes you, and they’re able to show the personal relationship between the couple and the families. The photographer sees a scene happening, and they adapt to best capture that moment and the emotion behind that moment.

Since candid photography uses a less formal setup, that means more effort goes into the editing portion of the photos, making sure that the lighting and composition best complement the people and scene captured. Through the editing process, your photographer can give your candid photos the quality of traditional photos while keeping the authentic emotion and mood of the scenes.

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Benefits Of Candid Wedding Photography


Candid wedding photography allows your individual personality to shine through. Since you don’t know your picture is being taken, you don’t have to worry about if you look awkward or overthink how you’re posing, and the image that is captured has a level of authenticity and captures the emotion even more so than traditional photos. When your wedding photography is candid, it also captures the moments that couldn’t possibly be staged, like the little reactions and relationship dynamics with the people involved.


When a photographer includes candid photography, they can tell the natural story of your wedding on a more intimate level than traditional wedding photos, and they can also give a modern, yet timeless, edge to your wedding photography that emphasizes the individuals captured. Candid photography allows for the authenticity of the interaction between the people being captured and what they’re doing at that moment and not only emphasizes the emotion behind your wedding day but can also capture the valuable behind-the-scenes moments that might be otherwise forgotten.


Candid photos can give a less formal tone to wedding photos that allow for the level of emotion to shine through without sacrificing quality. They allow for your wedding to feel incredibly personal and more you than traditional photos can, and they’ll leave you wondering when and how that touching or emotional moment was captured. Through candid wedding photography, the full experience and emotion of your wedding will be captured and saved in stunning photographs. 

Candid photos don’t mean that the people being captured don’t know that there isn’t a photographer there taking photos, it means that the people are more focused on the events that are happening rather than having their image captured. Through an intimate level of trust and connection between the couple and the photographer, candid photographs allow for the meaning behind the moments to be fully captured.