One of the most important decisions you need to make when you’re planning for a wedding is whether to have it indoors or outdoors. If you are certain of your plans on your special day, this can be an easy decision. However, should you still be confused about what your ideal wedding is, then this is indeed a daunting task.

In this article, we will give you the things to consider when you’re choosing an indoor or an outdoor wedding venue.

Indoor Weddings

Weddings held indoors are the most common for couples. Indoor weddings provide convenience; it is easy to find venues where you and your suppliers won’t need to worry about the weather or the ceremony time. Whether it’s raining or too hot outside, you won’t have any problem if you’re indoors. Your suppliers’ equipment, such as your wedding photographer’s camera or your lights and sounds, would also be safe.

In addition to that, most indoor venues have the right facilities for events. You can also decorate indoor venues as much as you want, with the help of your stylist or your friends.

wedding ceremony

What couples like the most about indoor weddings is that there are a lot of options for locations, whenever, and wherever. You can have your wedding ceremony in a church, and then have your reception in a hotel or an event place. Or if you don’t want to trouble your guests, you can also have your ceremony AND your reception in one place.

However, like every wedding item, indoor wedding venues also have some disadvantages.

Because indoor venues have space constraints, you can only fit a specific number of people. That means you have to trim down your guest list if your venue can’t accommodate everyone. Also, having more space need more decors. You might have to add more budget on your flowers or decorations for indoor weddings, as well.

Outdoor Weddings

Do you love nature and want your guests to enjoy it, too, on your wedding day? Then an outdoor wedding is definitely for you and your partner!

Having a garden wedding or a beach wedding will give you a beautiful natural backdrop. But those two are not your only selection. You can have your wedding in a vineyard, a farm, or the Blue Mountains. There will be no need for intricate decors; the beauty of nature will have got you covered. Let your wedding photographer work his magic with natural lighting.

The wedding recessional

On top of that, you can also invite more people. Most outdoor wedding venues will give you freedom when it comes to space so that you can maximize that. However, make sure that you check out with the venue’s management first.

But, just like indoor weddings, there are also cons if you choose an outdoor wedding venue. First, you can’t control the weather. We don’t want to rain on your parade, but rain is one of the major concerns of outdoor weddings. You may read this article for our top tips on how to get through a wet wedding day.

Other than the rain, there is also the heat and bugs. Instead of focusing on the event happenings, your guests might be more fixed on fanning themselves or avoiding your little uninvited visitors.

Wedding in rain

How To Decide

Deciding on whether to celebrate your wedding in an indoor or outdoor setting depends on your preference, your budget, and your theme. The abovementioned are only some factors that you need to consider. Make sure to discuss it with your partner, or your family and friends.

Good luck with your wedding preparation!