One of the most important decisions of wedding planning is choosing your colour palette as it is part of your theme. Your colour palette will be your basis on the overall style and mood of your wedding. If you stumbled upon this blog, then that means you are still wondering what to use.

So, we will help you choose from the wide range of palettes used in weddings or how you can create your own. Whatever you have in mind, we are sure that you will find what you’re looking for. Here are some tips to start with:

Look At Your Venue

If you already have a venue in mind, checking out pictures or visiting it and visualising your ideal colours in it would be great. Do you plan to get married in an all-white space? It would be easy for you to choose your colours with this kind of venue because anything will go well with it. Or did you get a venue with rustic interiors? Maybe you want to use a palette with Dusty Rose or Sage Green. Be mindful of your venue’s set-up and adjust your colours if needed.

Have you not decided where to get married yet? Then, you can select the colours you want, and use them to find your theme and venue. Remember, colours will set the vibe of your wedding, so make sure that you choose them correctly.

Wedding Ceremony Decoration

Consider The Season

Seasons can also inspire your wedding colour palette. Should you plan to get married in winter, cool blues, silver, or white would make a great combination. For weddings in spring, you can use palettes with tangerine and lavender. Bright colours like shades of yellow and pink would be beautiful in summer. Midnight blue, burgundy and neutrals would best complement fall.

Try to mix and match colours and see if it would look great on the season of your wedding date and, of course, if it works for you.

Wedding Ceremony Decoration

Be Resourceful And Just Let Your Creativity Flow

Build your palette on a prominent colour. After having one, consult the colour wheel when you are unsure of what to include next. There are also online colour palette generators you can check out once you’re really out of ideas. Even so, you can customise a palette you generated to make it your own.

If you and your partner still can’t decide on a particular palette, you can ask for recommendations from your friends or family. They will definitely have an idea that you can consider. Just remember to stick to three to five colours for your palette so that it won’t look unorganised in photos.

Another thing, you can also check out your photographer’s portfolio of previous weddings to get inspiration, or you can ask them directly for recommendations on what would look great on you and your photos.

When planning for your wedding, think about your big day and just let your creative juices flow. You can always consider whatever is in your mind. Take note of those ideas and discuss them with your partner.

Happy wedding planning!